Basiskwalificatie Onderwijs (BKO)

Basic University Teaching Certificate, University of Amsterdam, Faculty of Economics and Business, 2021

This is the qualification I obtained in order to teach at Dutch Universities.

Synchronization on complex networks

Supervision of BSc, Informaitcs Institute, University of Amsterdam, 2021

I supervised a bachelor project on synchronization on complex networks which investigated the validity of a recently proposed approximation technique on community networks.

Synchronization on complex networks

NETWORKS Masterclass, NETWORKS goes to school, 2021

A masterclass organized by the NETWORKS symposium for high school students from all over the Netherlands to promote network science.


Honours course, University of Amsterdam, Faculty of Science, 2021

An honours course on emergence in which I taught the part on synchronization on complex networks (4 hours of lectures, 4 hours of tutorials assignemnts and a quiz).

Management Research Methods I

pre-Master course, University of Amsterdam, Business School, 2020

A course on statistics for students wanting to persue a masters in the executive program at the Amsterdam Business School.

Complex Networks

Masters course, Leiden University, Faculty of Science, 2018

A masters course on complex networks from three perspectives: mathematics, physics and computer science. I was responsible for assisting students for the mathematics part.